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Angry Birds Soars onto Facebook This Year


You'd have to be pretty disconnected from the many happenings of the gaming industry to not have heard of the Angry Birds phenomenon. The 2D puzzler from developer Rovio Mobile took the gaming medium by storm, initially offering smartphone users an addictive gaming experience and ultimately porting over to the PlayStation Network. Aside from the imminent releases for Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare, Rovio also has plans of bringing the franchise to the social networking site Facebook later this year.

Rovio studio boss Mikael Hed stated that aside from all the the ports, expansions, merchandise, and inevitable movie and television iterations of the franchise, Facebook users can expect a fairly different version of the game. "There will be completely new aspects to it that just haven't been experienced in any other platform," stated Hed. "The pigs will have a more prominent role [in terms of the collaboration among users provided within Facebook]."

In addition to the upcoming release, Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka said the franchise may see a series of racing and sports spin-offs. It should be interesting to watch the franchise evolve and to see how Rovio will expand on their "Disney 2.0" business model.


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