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Angry Birds Available on PS3 and PSP This Week

You've probably heard of Angry Birds. If you have a smartphone you might even be painfully familiar with this addicting little game. If you've been missing out for whatever reason though, and you happen to have one of Sony's consoles, you're in luck. Angry Birds is hitting Playstation Minis (that means PS3 or PSP) this week, as part of Sony's weekly Playstation Store update. No word on how much it will cost, but it's between $1 - $5 on other platforms, so it's safe to assume somewhere around there.
Joe Donato Video games became an amazing, artful, interactive story-driven medium for me right around when I played Panzer Dragoon Saga on Sega Saturn. Ever since then, I've wanted to be a part of this industry. Somewhere along the line I, possibly foolishly, decided I'd rather write about them than actually make them. So here I am.
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