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Angry Birds: Legacy of Fad


Is the highly popular mobile game Angry Birds something that will be around for a long time?  I mean, I know it’s extremely popular AND addictive… but how long will it last?  Personally, I think for a while.  I saw Angry Bird throwable pillows the other day.  The market has expanded past the $.99 game into something far far greater.  Wasn’t the Angry Birds Halloween costume one of the highest selling this season?

On the other hand Henk Rogers, the manager of The Tetris Company, disagrees.  He sees Angry Birds as just a passing fad.  It is not possible that a game could build a legacy like Tetris has. 

Again I like to compare it to a sport, in the beginning it's an activity, like golf was an activity, then it became a sport. I think once people have played it more than 20 or 25 years you can say it's here to stay, it's a sport, it's no longer a fad. Angry Birds is cute and everybody plays it for a while but they get burned out and move on and they will play another game.

But Tetris is like Happy Birthday, it keeps on going. Everybody else has games that come and go, they make the hit parade, but these are all temporary. You have to work really hard to get your unknown game to be #1, but when we re-released Tetris it became #1 even though we didn't do any marketing. We have an unfair advantage, I gotta say. I'd rather have the goose that lays the golden egg.

Yikes.  I can’t decide which line is my favorite.  I’m a fan of him calling Angry Birds cute but I’m also quite keen on how he compares Tetris to the Happy Birthday song.  I can’t decide.  Rogers has a point, Tetris is indeed eternal.  It arguably made Game Boy and has also had endless versions come out since.  But I also feel like other games can make a similar legacy.  Will Angry Birds do that – I can’t say.  As the cliché says, time will tell.  Where are my Tetris shape pillows!? [IndustryGamers]

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