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Andrew Meggs wants EA to release server-free version of Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online

On December 18th, 2013, Warhammer Online shut its online doors as the game has been shut down. The game has been free-to-play only since November this year, but due to the end of a licensing deal, the game's servers have been shut off.

Former Mythic Entertainment developer, Andrew Meggs, has an idea to preserve the rich history of WAR, for those that simply don't want to forget their time in the world. The game apparently had an option to run the game without a server, allowing the developers to roam around the land, uninhibited by their methods of transportation.

There were no login or character selection screens. There were no NPCs or other players. There was no gameplay of any kind. It was just you and the entire world spread out before you. You could fly around like Superman, or teleport anywhere at will.

It won't be WAR; that only exists with other players, but it's a double-clickable museum exhibiting much of what WAR was, so it won't be forgotten completely. It's an effort by all of us, as developers, to preserve a living record as our transient medium is created and destroyed. I can't do this; I left behind the code when I left EA. But there are people inside EA who can easily make this happen.

It would be place for the die-hard fans to visit by themselves, to reminisce and remember the times they had there with others.

It's easy to understand a developers want to preserve a world he helped build. And while it won't be a 'game,' it will allow players to experience the world of WAR, even if all they can do is look.


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