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And LeBron James had the 'top' tweet for Xbox One

LeBron James

Having just reported the "top" tweet for the PlayStation 4, it's only fair we show the same love to Xbox One.

Sony's new console may have One Direction's Louis Tomlinson in its corner, but Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is team Xbox One. In fact, King James was actually found to have the "top" tweet for Microsoft's next-gen console.

Posted on November 21, the day before the Xbox One's release, James' tweet received 5,118 retweets and 4,789 favorites, making it the "top" tweet for Xbox One, according to social media marketing company Viralheat. Prior to this, Viralheat also revealed Louis Tomlinson's tweet to be the "top" for PS4.

James' tweet didn't quite get the same response as Tomlinson's, which had a staggering 43,000 retweets and 57,000 favorites, but it's still an impressive number nonetheless. Although, with just four million followers separating the two (10 million for James, 14 million for Tomlinson), you'd expect the numbers to be a bit closer.

Overall, Viralheat found that during each console's respective launch weekend, the PS4 had 643,086 mentions while the Xbox One had 659,976 mentions.

Are you team PS4 with One Direction or team Xbox One with the Miami Heat?

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