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Anarchy Reigns extras pre-order code not working for some PS3 users


Well, this is kind of a pain. Anarchy Reigns players on PlayStation 3 have reported that their pre-order codes for the game's extra content aren't working.

The codes were given out exclusively through GameStop. Individuals who pre-ordered the beat 'em up from Sega and Platinum Games received extra modes as well as the playable Bayonetta character. Unfortunately for a lot of folks (including yours truly), entering the code results in an error message.

A lot of NeoGAF users have posted that they can't access the content due to the code giving them an "invalid" message. Thankfully, it seems as though Sega is looking into the matter. It should be noted that the issue was still affecting players even after the PlayStation Store updated earlier today.

If you pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns for PlayStation 3 and are encountering problems with your extras code, stay tuned for further updates.

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