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Anarchy breaks out following changes to Steam Summer Adventure


The alliance has ended! The "Operation" to essentially rig the system and get the entire Steam community to work as a unified team so that sub-colored team gets a fair and equal chance at winning free games has imploded -- likely as a result of the changes made to the Steam Summer Adventure reward system.

Following yesterday's Steam update, Valve made a simple change to the Summer Adventure reward system, granting free games to members of the top three teams. It's unclear if Valve's intention was to break apart the alliance, but if that were the case then it worked. Yesterday was supposed to be Purple Team's day to win, but in a surprise turn of events, Red Team pulled out a victory.

The result? Mass hysteria on the individual teams' subreddits.

Nobody really knows what's going on or whether the alliance is still intact. Did Red Team betray Purple Team? Was it intentional? It's hard to say as the Red Team's subreddit seems divided on the issue, although it doesn't appear to be hurting their progress in today's adventure (Red Team is currently in first today as of this writing). However, that could change though as other teams seem to be plotting revenge/alliances. Either way, it doesn't look like people are following the original Operation.

This whole thing is really amusing to follow, and I would love to see someone do a case study on human behavior based on this competition. I don't know how it'll unfold, but Red Team has certainly embraced the role of villain, taking on a Soviet Union persona for its subreddit. You can follow the Steam Summer Adventure war through the individual teams' subreddit listed below:

Can Red be toppled? As a member of the Comreds, I sure hope not. Glory to Redstotzka!

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