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Analysts Report Unimpressive 3DS Sales


The 3DS has only been on the market for a few weeks now, and analysts have already begun to report declining sales for Nintendo's latest dual screen handheld. Industry specialists have taken a look at the hardware's initial sales and compared them to more recent figures, which show a dip in profits. "Based on our recent checks, we believe that sales of the 3DS have slowed considerably since the initial launch window, although the Easter holiday could provide a near-term boost," stated Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets.

Other reports and research show contrasting results, however. Screen Digest predicts that the 3DS will win over a bigger following throughout 2011 as more gamers purchase the console due to its specs. Despite the expected increase in sales, though, Screen Digest analysts also believe the 3DS might suffer due to competition from mobile and tablet gaming.

It's hard to take any of these reports and predictions very seriously. For starters, analysts often make predictions that turn out to be wrong. Also, the 3DS is still a fresh system in terms of its lifespan. It remains to be seen how many gamers will purchase the dual screen portable as time passes.

There is also the matter of content. The 3DS launch library is very weak, so it's possible that core consumers are simply waiting for more quality content to hit the system. We can't rule out the possibility of a better model somewhere down the road, either, especially considering how Nintendo has a tendency to release lighter, more efficient models of their handheld devices.

The 3DS got off to a strong start, and though reports may show that sales have dropped, there's no telling how the upcoming library of games or improved models will affect the handheld's profitability.

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