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Analyst Thinks Nintendo Should Purchase Social Game Dev


It's no secret that Nintendo has seen a bit of a lull as of late. After experiencing a dip in hardware and software sales, there's no denying the company has seen much better days. Then there's the whole 3DS price drop, which could mean more sales for the handheld (after, of course, having fared quite negatively on the commercial front).

Apparently, this recent lack of sales is enough cause for Nintendo to go the social game route, says one analyst. "Nintendo should use its ample cash to buy a social game maker, as the place to play games is shifting to smartphones and tablet PCs," said Stats Investment Management Co. Fund Manager Masamitsu Ohki in a statement to Bloomberg. "It doesn't need to start its own."

If you've been following Nintendo for the past several months, you're probably aware that the company doesn't want anything to do with social or mobile gaming. According to Nintendo, those markets are entirely different from console gaming, and Nintendo claims it's out to provide different, much more diverse gaming experiences. The statements the Big N has made in the past are a clear indication that it really wants no part of the social gaming scene.

Additionally, Ohki said Nintendo could buy a social game developer instead of creating one. It's obvious that this analyst isn't familiar with Nintendo's style. If Nintendo were to go into the social media scene, it would definitely want to create an original franchise. That said, I highly doubt Nintendo wants any piece of that pie. The company makes consoles and handhelds, and although social and mobile gaming are rising steadily, it's apparent that Nintendo wants no part of that medium.

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