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Analyst: Wii U is 'struggling mightily'

Sinking Ship

Seven months after the Wii U has been on the market -- with only 3.45 million units sold globally to date -- I think it's safe to say Nintendo should start worrying. We're not in panic mode yet, but it's at least time for them to acknowledge the Wii U's struggle and realize a price cut is necessary.

"After seven months on the market, Nintendo's Wii U is struggling mightily," said Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz. "We note that the company has essentially abandoned the field to Microsoft and Sony at this year's E3 as Nintendo will not be holding a press conference."

Sony has opted to not host a traditional media briefing, instead relying on its Nintendo Direct web broadcast to share the latest information. While Nintendo may not have a new console to show off like Microsoft and Sony, the decision to not host a glamorous press conference does come off as a concession to its competitors.

Creutz believes there's "a decent chance that Nintendo could announce a price cut for the Wii U at E3 in an effort to bring attention to the console and boost sales."

'We note that the console will have a series of key new games coming out through the late summer and fall, beginning with Pikmin 3 in August. Nintendo's window for igniting interest in its console is closing with Microsoft and Sony's competing machines soon to come to market."

What does Nintendo have to do at E3 to really get you excited for the Wii U?


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