Analyst estimates BioShock Infinite sold 878,000 units in March

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Yesterday's NPD report revealed BioShock Infinite as March 2013's best-selling game. Specific numbers have not been revealed, but early notes from analysts estimated anywhere between 700,000-750,000 units. Now, new data from Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz has bumped that number up to 878,000 units sold for the month. This is "a few hundred thousand" units above what the company had expected to sell, according to Creutz.

Regardless of exact numbers, NPD Group already noted that BioShock Infinite achieved the highest first month sales for the franchise and helped publisher sales for Take-Two reach the highest for any March since NPD began tracking sales back in 1995.

Now midway through April, Creutz says BioShock Infinite continues to sell at a "healthy clip" and is likely to sell 4.5 million units (including retail and PC copies) in its first year. Those are sales well earned as BioShock Infinite has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Here at GameZone, writer Lance Liebl called it "the best game of this console generation."

Do you agree? Oh, by the way, it's also Booker DeWitt's birthday today!


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