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An update from Blizzard regarding Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas' Plague Quarter purchasing issues


The release of the second wing of Hearthstone's expansion, Curse of Naxxramas, has not exactly been the smoothest. In fact, it's gone quite poorly, as users have reported numerous issues when attempting to purchase the Plague Quarter. 

Blizzard provided an brief update today, assuring customers that they are "continuing to monitor the payment issues that are happening when trying to purchase the Plague Quarter."

"Rest assured our technicians are on the case," Blizzard said. In the update, Blizzard also let fans know about some other issues they are aware of. "We don't have an ETA on these issues just yet," the developer said, "but our development team continues to investigate and are working towards a resolution."

The following are known issues that Blizzard is aware of:

  • In Game Shop closed intermittently
  • Double-billed for Naxxramas purchases
  • Being stuck or crashing while "Waiting for Authorization"
  • Naxxramas Wings are unavailable after successfully purchasing

In an earlier update, Blizzard confirmed they are able to see which accounts have multiple purchases that were successfully completed with Plague Wing unlocked and will issue reimbursements accordingly:

  • For failed purchases made by gold, the gold will be released back to you within 10 minutes or so.
  • For failed purchases made by cash on PC, the money will be released from your bank within 72 hours (per your financial institution's policies)
  • For failed purchases made by iTunes on iPad, the money will be reimbursed according to apple's policies.
  • For all cases where more than one purchase was successful (gold, cash, or iTunes), our development team continues to review and work towards a resolution for these.
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