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An NES rebuilt for 1080p is only $499 away


Analogue Interactive, the company best known for its masterful wooden remake of the SNK Neo Geo MVS, has moved onto revamping arguably the most iconic game console to date: the original Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Dubbed the Analogue Nt, the remastered system does more than put old hardware in a new shell. The Nt is "a true upscaler" and can play retro titles in 1080p or 720p without compromising the original aspect ratio. It also boasts four controller ports—which can be filled with your pick of gamepads, seen below—and can be colored to your liking for an added $49. And if you're going to drop three digits on an NES, it may as well match your entertainment system.


Oh, did we not mention that? Quality isn't cheap, and Analogue is continuing their prioritization of quality over all else, including frugality. This not-so-little beauty is made "from a single, solid block of 6061 aluminum" and requires a number of bells and whistles to get its bells and whistles to work, including a web of available cables and adapters.

But if $499 sounds like a reasonable price for putting retro classics on the biggest screen they'll likely ever see, you can pre-order an Nt now. I know I'd love to have one, but I'd also love to have dinner next week. Decisions, decisions...

If you want to see more remastered retro goodness, have a look at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time running in Unreal Engine 4


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