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An extremely in depth (and spoiler heavy) analysis of Dark Souls 2 lore


The original Dark Souls was a treasure trove of lore if players were willing enough to take the time and read through various item descriptions. The items would describe various characters, their motives and the land of Lordran itself. Of course, for those who still had trouble understanding, EpicNameBro and VaatiVidya did an amazing job at piecing together all various lore from the game in easy to understand videos. Surely, Dark Souls II would follow suit with the same means of storytelling.

Warning, spoilers ahead, obviously.

While the overall story is still being pieced together, the prevailing thought among many Dark Souls II players is that Drangleic is in fact Lordran, except obviously thousand(s) years after the original game.

Dark Souls II player J.C. Wigriff has compiled an extremely long and detailed list that seem to support the theory that the world of Dark Souls is in a constant cycle, and that when one Chosen Undead completes his quest, either by igniting the First Flame or letting it burn out, the cycle then continues again.

There is also evidence that Drangleic is home to reincarnations of the four bearers of the Lord Souls from Dark Souls. The Lost Sinner is the Witch of Izalith, The Rotten is Gravelord Nito, Duke's Dear Freja is Seath and Old Iron King is Gwyn. This all evidenced by beating them in NG+ and receiving the Souls of the four predecessors.

There is some truly interesting stuff here and if you've beaten the game and don't mind reading into some of the theories behind Drangleic, then definitely head on over to J.C. Wigriff's official page. It's certainly an interesting read.

Dark Souls 2 Total Lore and Location Breakdown (SPOILERS)

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