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An emotional story and new character customization coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts; DLC comes first to Xbox One

call of duty ghosts xbox one

All DLC for Call of Duty will launch exclusively first on Xbox One. 

Eric Hirshberg of Activision came on stage to give the world premiere of Call of Duty on a next-gen system. He said that Call of Duty: Ghosts is an entirely new world, new narrative and new cast of characters. The developers had all restrictions taken away as they created Ghosts, because they just didn't want to make another Modern Warfare title.

The cast of characters will feel like real people that you'll have an emotional attachment to. It'll be the most character driven and emotionally attaching Call of Duty game yet. That's partly due to the Academy Award-winning writer from Traffic working on the script. The newest member to the cast of characters, and your squad, is a dog. Yea, a fu*king dog. 

Call of Duty Ghosts dog, Xbox One reveal

Ghosts are a super-elite fighting force. They've adopted numerous techniques, strategies and styles, and they're the remnant of what's left of the United States armed forces. In Ghosts, you are the underdog. 

There's new animations in Ghosts, as well. There's a lean system so you can shoot around walls, you can slide, and now you keep your momentum when you jump over a wall. 

Multiplayer? That's revamped too. Dynamic maps have big earthquakes and floods, down to player-driven actions that change the flow of the map. You can now choose the heads, bodies and gear of your characters, bringing a whole new level of depth to character customization for Call of Duty

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