Amplitude has been funded, now pay for those stretch goals

Amplitude Screenshot - Amplitude has been funded, now pay for those stretch goals

The Kickstarter for Amplitude HD has officially been funded. There's dancing in the streets; we'll get to relive the glory days of Harmonix's cult classic on PS3 and PS4.

But wait, as Billy Mays would say, there's more! Harmonix has added a stretch goal: online multiplayer. Because the only way Amplitude could get more addicting is with the addition of competitive dualing. 

Sadly, it's not looking too good for the stretch goal. It needs a total of $1.1 million to happen with the total raised funds sitting at $800,000. With only 13 hours left, it would take a miracle to reach that mark. I think we've already used up our miracle quota for this Kickstarter.


Jake Valentine
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