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Among the Sleep coming to PS4, will use Project Morpheus

among the sleep

Among the Sleep, the first-person horror adventure game where you play as a two-year-old, is coming to the PlayStation 4. The team at Krillbite made the announcement on PlayStation Blog today.

Wanting as many people to play the game as possible when it's released, the move to the PS4 makes sense, but they're not forgetting their Kickstarter backers. To those backers, they said "don't worry -- we're working on a plan to ensure you get a fair deal on the PS4 version on the game. More details to follow."

They also announced that they are "among the first to explore PlayStation's new virtual reality technology Project Morpheus for Among the Sleep." There's no combat in Among the Sleep. You explore a scary atmosphere with only a child's perception of reality and imagination to tell the story, and a teddy bear as your companion. The VR of Project Morpheus and Among the Sleep seems like a match made in heaven.

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