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American spies want R2-D2 holographic technology, it’s our only hope


I can’t help feeling that Star Wars-esque technology news has been rolling in at a contentious pace as of recent.  Let the good times roll I say.  Now America’s spy services are trying to develop “Synthetic Holographic Observation.”  This is some New Hope @#$% right here.  This isn’t me over exaggerating either, during the presentation for this project the forth page had Leia telling old Ben Kenobi that he’s her only hope; STAR WARS!

The US military and intelligence branches have been working on this sort of tech for years now.  The world needs 3D holographs.  This current project has only cost $58 million – this sort of price can definitely make you appreciate R2-D2 more.  While some of these 3D holograms require special eyewear, not all of it does.  Thus far they have been using this tech to create 3D maps of terrain for military purposes.

I like where this tech is going and I want a 3D holographic call device in my house, DO YOU HEAR ME SKYPE!?

Lastly… why do we have conventions for spy stuff?


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