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American McGee's Grimm relocates to a new online service


The episodic fairytale series American McGee's Grimm has moved on to a more accessible PC digital-distribution service: Steam Greenlight.

Grimm previously released in 2008 and 2009 on French platform GameTap. All 23 episodes were playable in any order, and each lasted about 30 minutes. Now Spicy Horse Gamea is reviving it for play on Steam for PC and Mac — as long as it earns enough community votes.

Because of the size of the episodes, Spicy Horse has yet to determine the best pricing model and release method.

"Each chapter is quite large — multihundred megabytes each," reads a forum response. "So if we offer them as a single pack, you're looking at a massive single download. Might be better to split them up and keep the price per episode low."

In the game, players control the dwarf Grimm, who is sick of how sweet fairy tales have become and decides to revert them to their darker, original versions by spreading evil.

Source: Polygon

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