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American McGee is preparing pitch to EA for third Alice game titled Alice: Asylum

Back down the rabbit hole.

American McGee is preparing pitch to EA for third Alice game titled Alice: Asylum

Back in the early 2000s, a developer known as American McGee introduced a new, darker take on Alice in Wonderland with a PC game simply titled American McGee's Alice. It was published by EA and about a decade later, a sequel was released titled Alice: Madness Returns. The titles blend mature storytelling with elements of psychological horror and action/adventure hack and slash combat.

Instead of a girl who just stumbles down a hole into another world, Alice is a mentally traumatized orphan who lives an orphanage after her family died in a fire. She constantly returns to Wonderland where evil has corupted the land and the characters within it.

The sequel received fairly average reviews but the general consensus was more positive than negative. Six years later, American McGee is planning to begin work on a third game titled Alice: Asylum. The game is in the very early stages and a pitch has yet to be made to EA because McGee needs your help.

While McGee prepares his plans and outline for the pitch to EA, he wants you to sign up for his email listing so that he can prove to EA that there are people with genuine interest in the game. You can click here to go sign up if you're interested in seeing a third Alice game.

The only question is, will EA agree to publish a third Alice game? Although EA has been doing quite a few risky indie games like Unravel and the upcoming A Way Out, Alice might be a tougher sell given the fact that it's never been a massively popular game in the mainstream. Not only that, it's the third game in the series so if it's a direct continuation some players might be driven away if they haven't played the first two.

Only time will tell if EA believes Alice: Asylum is a worthwhile investment but it sure would be great if we got a new Alice title with the great storytelling and art style present in the previous games.

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