Ambassadors of Fate Now Available for Sony Online Entertainment’s PoxNora

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The Ambassadors of Fate have arrived on the island of Maljara and will undeniably change the world of PoxNora®. In addition to an epic storyline and new runes, this release introduces the PoxNora tournament system. A new tournament lobby will feature themed events and allow players to take their gameplay to an entirely different level. Players will also be able to participate in free, single elimination tournaments using a chess clock system, ensuring that battles will be fast and aggressive.

Players will be immersed in all new tales of the Ambassadors and their epic journey to the Isle of Maljara. Ambassadors of Fate features:

• New Runes: Eight new runes, such as Zedin of Sarnghaver and Shardseer K’aeyun, bring players unparalleled power. • New Tournament System: Including a new tournament lobby, this new system features themed events and free aggressive tournament gameplay with any deck. • New Wallpapers: Players can harness the excitement of Ambassadors of Fate and the Isle of Maljara right on their desktop! • Disconnect Protection: Launched in Maljaran Frontier, Disconnect Protection will also apply to the new tournament system, allowing players to feel secure during a tournament in the instance they are disconnected.

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