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Amazon Offering Bonus Credits for 3DS System, Game Purchases


This Sunday marks the North American launch of the 3DS, and Amazon has got some pretty sweet deals for gamers looking to purchase Nintendo's latest dual screen handheld. Those who order a 3DS through Amazon will also get a $25 credit toward the purchase of a 3DS game. The credit will show up on your account two days after the system has been shipped. Additionally, gamers who have already preordered their 3DS systems will also receive the bonus $25.

The 3DS deals don't stop there. Amazon has also included a nice little bonus for gamers who purchase a 3DS game. Ordering a 3DS title through Amazon will score you a $10 credit, which will also appear two days after the product has been shipped. Do the math, and that's a total of $35, which means you can easily buy another 3DS game with the extra cash and pay the difference out of your own pocket.

I won't be picking up a 3DS this Sunday due to its low battery life and the inevitable release of a better model later on, but I have to admit that deals like these certainly make it hard for me to stay away. Though the launch lineup isn't spectacular, a few games caught my attention the moment they were announced. I wouldn't mind picking up a 3DS with Rayman 3D and using the extra $35 credit to get Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

If you're hoping to pick up a 3DS on launch day, Amazon's deal is definitely enticing. You're basically getting a free game with the purchase of a 3DS system and one title. March 27 will kick start the launch of Nintendo's newest handheld in North America, so be sure to place your orders before then.

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