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Amazon: 'Today may be the last day you can pre-order a launch-day PS4 bundle'


If you are hoping to pre-order a PlayStation 4 from Amazon and hope to have it arrive on launch day, you may want to do so sooner rather than later. It appears the online retail giant is running low on its allotment of launch day bundles.

Amazon warned consumers on Twitter with the following message: "Today may be the last day you can pre-order a PS4 bundle ready for release date, hush hush..."

As of the time of this writing, the PS4 launch bundle is still available for pre-order, but there's no telling how many more units are left or how fast they are selling out. Just yesterday, Amazon UK and other European retailers posted similar messages, telling consumers that orders placed for the PS4 after August 6th "may be received after release date."

Like the name suggests, launch bundles guarantee to be available on Release Day and offer a $10 discount for a year of PS Plus. If you happen to miss out, you can still pre-order the standard edition PS4, but the shipping date is "based on availability" and is "not guaranteed at release date." So act fast, people.

Of course, there are alternatives to Amazon. GameStop still has Launch Edition bundles, as does Target and Wal-Mart. Again, I'd suggest acting quickly on these also, as GameStop has repeatedly taken down 

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