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Amazon’s deal of the day: Dead Space 3 for $40

dead space 3

For today and today only, Amazon is having a powerful sale on Dead Space 3. You can pick up this title, only two weeks since its release, for $40. The $20 discount covers all platforms: PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. If you’ve been putting this game off due to reviews, financial reasons, or whatever… today is LITERALLY the day

Can’t decide what platform you want to play it for? My answer is simple; get it on whatever system your friends have it for. Sure the co-op has gotten flack for not being scary, but it’s still pretty damn fun. The whole “well Carver's possibly going crazy” aspect is priceless for a fan of the series. 

Click the link above or the photo below to go to the deal.

Dead Space 3 Deals


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