Amazon releases a new iPad app for instant video

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Like Hansel, Amazon is so hot right now.  Just yesterday they updated their cloud music player and that was only the first step.  Now for the iPad (not the iPhone or iPod touch yet, you savages have to wait), Amazon has released a new app for native Amazon Instant Video.  For you subscribing folk, Prime Instant Video and downloadable streamed videos are available. 

This app also gives you access to ‘The Watchlist’ (Xbox 360, Kindle Fire, and internet).  This allows you to store preselected programs to watch on other devices later.  Subscribers will be able to get TV shows they subscribe to the day after they air on television. 

Amazon refuses to stand in the shadow of Netflix or Hulu any longer.  They will continue to be a growing competitor and even have the potential to take the lead.  I’m curious to see how they pays out, especially once the app is added to iPhones and iPod touches. 

Dat technology.     


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