Amazon leaks MLB 12 The Show "Diamond Dynasty" details

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Last week we reported that MLB 12: The Show will have a brand new mode "unlike any other modes you've ever played in any other sports game."  That's a mighty big statement for Sony to be making about their new Diamond Dynasty mode.

Unfortunately, MLB 12 Community Manager Ramone Russell couldn't give any details about the new mode at CES, except that it's "really competitive, extremely intuitive, and a different wayt o play a baseball game."

Russell said that they couldn't wait to talk more about it.  Well, it looks like someone else already has.

Amazon has jumped the gun, revealing some details about the new Diamond Dynasty mode on their MLB 12: The Show product page.  In the Product Features section, Amazon describes the new mode.  It reads:

"Manage your very own fully customizable MLB team online.  Challenge and beat CPU controlled MLB teams to recruit MLB stars for your team, and compete against other users customized teams for development points."

Sounds intriguing, but also very familiar to EA's Sports Ultimate Team modes.  Either way, it sounds like an extremely fun mode to add to one of the best baseball games on the market.

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