Amazon giving away $100 worth of Android apps for free

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While the Amazon marketplace isn't the default shop for apps on most Android phones, it usually has some really awesome deals, especially with its Free App a Day promotion. Now Amazon has a completely bonkers deal where they're offering 31 apps completely free of charge, which amounts to more than a $100 in savings, assuming you download all of them.

While not all the apps and games are worth it, some of the worthy gems include:

  • Adventure Time Card Wars - normally $3.99
  • Plex - normally $4.99
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (assuming you have a controller) - normally $2.99
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands - normally $6.99
  • Lab Pro - normally $2.99
  • Dungeon Village - normally $4.41
  • League of Heroes Premium - normally $2.99

There are also a handful of useful apps like EZ Money Manager, and Business Calendar. However, to get these apps on your Android device, unless you're using a Kindle, is to install the Amazon App Marketplace. The directions to do that can be found here, trust me, it's not that hard.

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