Amazon disables SimCity PC digital download option

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Good guy Amazon is saving consumers the hassle of dealing with EA's shenanigans. In light of the recent server troubles plaguing SimCity, the online retailer has removed the option to purchase the game via PC digital download. Just like the rest of us, Amazon has no clue when these issues will be fixed.

"Many customers are having issues connecting to the "SimCity" servers. EA is actively working to resolve these issues, but at this time we do not know when the issue will be fixed. Please visit for more information."

Consumers are still able to purchase the physical copy of the game. Hopefully the servers will be fixed by the time it arrives in the mail. EA and Maxis have been working around the clock to solve the server issues, but to no avail. The latest round of updates disabled "non-critical" gameplay features like leaderboards, achievements, and region filters.

As of this time I'm still greeted with the message "Unable to load the city at this time," whenever I attempt to enter my city. Let us know if the game has been working for you. We'd love to hear what you think of it!

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