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Amazing discovery found in lab of Dr. Brainstorm

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amazing discovery found in lab of Dr. Brainstorm

Fabled City of Heroes/City of Villains scientist uncovers what he calls 'Powerset Proliferation'

"Ehhem, fellow super beings of the Rogue Isles, Dr. Brainstorm here. I’m broadcasting from an undisclosed location to announce my latest breakthrough!

"Many of you have inquired as to my whereabouts since I brought you the wonders of the invention system. I have good news for you all! Upon completion of the Hypothetical Framework the universe revealed to me a profound secret.

"Late one night in my lab, as I placed the final piece of Rikti technology into the Hypothetical Framework, a glorious vision appeared before me. The Framework revealed to me a mystical subterranean web, invisible to the naked eye. This network represents the sacred geometry of the earth, threads of energy that converge to create vortices of power over particularly special places and even people.

"Somehow my Hypothetical Framework opened an access portal onto this mystical network, an energy based control panel for super power distribution. Knowing we must harness this newfound information, I built a monitoring system into every invention workbench. Every time an invention is made, I am able to tap into the power network, gathering information about this mystical nexus.

"Based on the information gathered through your workbenches, I have determined that every super powered being taps into these energy threads at their own resonance. This individual frequency determines what powers each hero or villain can gain mastery over. No matter our origin, each of us accesses our available powers in a unique way.

"Since that day, I have diligently worked to alter these restrictions placed so unfairly upon us.

"Using my newly built kinetic capacitor I discovered a way to alter the resonance of these energy strands. After the er…massive release of energy generated in my lab with the kinetic capacitor, I appear to have sufficiently altered the resonance of these energy lines. Despite the minor….mishap in the lab, I am proud to announce that I, Dr. Brainstorm, have opened the door to new powers here on the Rogue Isles, allowing new super powered citizens of the Rogue Isles to access an additional primary and secondary power to choose from!"



RE: Peregrine Island Explosion
From: Agent Crimson, Alpha-Black Unit

During a recent mission to prevent Malta raids on Crey science facilities, a hero I work with was alerted to the existence of a secret Crey lab. I was unable to locate the lab until last week when I intercepted reports of an explosion under the streets of Peregrine. Upon locating the entrance to a subterranean facility, I discovered the remains of what appears to have been a well-equipped laboratory. Inside I found the badly charred remnants of a large mechanical device.

I also located a security system and was able to extract surveillance video. This video was passed onto Dr. Advance in the science and technology division and I have included his interpretation of the video below.

Shortly after the explosion, I began to receive reports of new heroes able to use previously inaccessible powers. I am convinced that these are connected and will investigate further.

RE: Security Video Report
From: Dr. Advance, Longbow Science and Technology Division

This video, although highly degraded, appears to show Dr. Brainstorm activating a massive Resonance Manipulator, also known as a kinetic capacitor. Many scientists have proposed that it might be possible to create an oscillating energy field able to reach a strength of over 10,000 megateslas - roughly equivalent to a neutron star.

While this device is clearly not of that magnitude, the size and blast radius of the ensuing explosion suggests that Dr. Brainstorm managed to generate close to 2,000 megateslas.

It has long been understood that even heroes who gain their abilities through technology, nature, or science are somehow special, the pinnacle of human achievement. Many theorize that these super-powered beings are connected into some sort of power nexus beyond our comprehension. Although the exact nature of this energy grid is unknown, I believe that it acts as a control network for super power distribution.

I propose that this video shows Dr. Brainstorm attempting to open a conduit onto this energy grid. By generating this massive energy field, it appears that Dr. Brainstorm is attempting to pull the earth’s cosmic balance off kilter. Clearly he did not anticipate the ensuing explosion as he barely escaped the destruction.

The explosion suggests that this energy grid relies on a delicate balance that must be maintained.  In upsetting the balance of the earth’s geodesy Dr. Brainstorm may have caused a rift.  Although I do not yet fully understand the implications, I remind you that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Crimson tells me there are reports of heroes able to access new powers. If heroes are able to access new powers it seems likely that the same may also be true for the villains of the Rogue Isles.


Be sure to come back tomorrow when Dr. Brainstorm will reveal the complete list of Proliferated Powersets that each Archetype will be receiving in Issue 12: Midnight Hour! of City of Heroes/City of Villains.

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