Amazing League of Legends cosplay during PAX Prime 2012

League of Legends was impossibly huge at PAX Prime this year. It feels like each time we go, they get bigger. This time they didn't just come with a huge booth, they took up an entire room on the 6th floor of the convention center. Epic.

Of course the biggest event happening during PAX Prime was the North America Regionals, which crowned team TSM as the best in North America. However, Riot had a lot more going on in between matches. One of those things was the League of Legends Cosplay contest.

While we didn't unfortunately take footage of the entire thing, we did manage to get some truly great costumes in there. From Ezreal, Gragas, Amumu, to Cassiopea. However, the one costume that totally blew everyone away, Nikasaur included, was the Sejuani costume. Not only was her costume absolutely perfect, she also had someone dressed up as her boar, that she could actually ride on. 

Make sure to watch the video all the way through and watch as Nikasaur hops on the boar as well. It's all very awesome.

More Sona cosplay next time please!

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