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Amazing Acts of Modern Geekery: A giant 5-foot NES controller that works

giant nes controller

Julius von Brunk just proved that LEGO building is complex, intricate, and most of all, art. Julius von Brunk is a New York-based graphic multimedia artist known for creating complex, custom LEGO art. His latest masterpiece is a five-foot NES controller replica made out of LEGO -- and it works. In the clip at the bottom of the article, you can see him actually using the controller. It's an amazing act of modern geekery, but I'd worry about getting wrist tendonitis if I were him.

von Brunk's Tumblr shows the detailed creation of the controller, which he finished towards the end of 2012. You can read all about it at the Julius von Brunk Tumblr.

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[Source: Kotaku]

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