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Alone in the Dark: Inferno Demo Now Available on the Playstation Network

October 30, 2008


PLAYSTATION3  System Gamers Can Now Get First Look of The Sizzling Gameplay and Red-Hot Enhancements for Atari’s Innovative Action Survival Experience -

The PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system demo of Atari and Eden Games’ innovative action survival creation Alone in the Dark®: Inferno is now available on the PLAYSTATION®Network. Atari and Eden Games have given the title a blazing rework for its PLAYSTATION®3 system debut on November 18. Responding to the feedback of media and gamers, the development team has turned up the heat to deliver an even more entertaining, immersive and action-packed blockbuster experience with a host of sizzling gameplay enhancements, red-hot content and an even more hellish storyline which has inspired the name Alone in the Dark: Inferno.

Gameplay elements including camera, inventory system, and hero control have all been reworked to maximize story immersion and atmosphere. In addition, Alone in the Dark: Inferno will include an all-new action sequence revealing a previously unseen enemy of epic proportions and an intriguing upgrade of the game’s exhilarating 59th Street level featuring much improved driving dynamics.

The PLAYSTATION®Network demo enables PLAYSTATION®3 system gamers – for the first-time – to experience the innovative storyline and gameplay. The demo features selected playable levels from the first and second episodes as well as a sequence from the 59th Street level and the game’s captivating end cinematic. Through the demo, players will be able to get a true feel of some of the game’s unique elements including: creating unique and powerful weapons; using fire as a devastating destruction device; and experiencing real-time handling of objects to overcome enemies and obstacles.

Alone In the Dark: Inferno Dark Key Trailer

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