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Alleged Xbox 720 development kit sold on eBay for $20,000


DaE, the mysterious person behind the recent Xbox 720 development kit leaks, has apparently sold an alleged development kit for Microsoft's next-gen console.

DaE announced on Twitter that one of his two supposed dev kits has been sold on eBay. According to the auction listing, the Xbox 720 dev kit, code named Durango, sold for £12,833 (or $20,100). There were 18 bidders who combined for a total of 43 bids.

While DaE insists there won't be any problems with the sale, It'll be interesting to see the reaction from Microsoft. Usually dev kits remain property of the console manufacturer and "loaned out" to developers with strict rules. DaE, lately, has seemingly been pushing those rules to the limits.

Not long after he posted images of the functioning dev kit, he leaked images that allegedly show off the new Kinect 2 for the Xbox Durango/Xbox 720.

Microsoft has remained silent throughout the recent leaks, but one has to assume they won't put up with DaE's antics for much longer. While DaE's Twitter personality comes off as a bit of d-bag, it seems like he has a pretty firm understanding of what he can and can not get away with in terms of leaking details about Microsoft's next-gen console. One thing we haven't seen yet are system specs.

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