All Forza Motorsports III DLC on Sale This Week

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From today until December 26, Forza III is Xbox Live's Deal of the Week. More specifically, every DLC pack ever released for it (four in total).

For a mere 800 MSP, you can get all four DLC packs and add countless (well, they can be counted, I just don't want to) new cars and tracks to the game.

Deal of the Week:

Forza 3 "Deal of the Week" (December 20–26) World Class Car Pack - 200 Microsoft Points* (50% off) The Summer Velocity Car Pack - 200 MSP (50% off) The Exotic Car Pack - 200 MSP (60% off) Road & Track Car Pack - 200 MSP (50% off) Audi R8 LMS RC Car [Avatar item] - 160 MSP (50% off) Checkered Flags [Avatar item] - 80 MSP (50% off)

In other news, Gran Turismo 5 is still garbage. And full price.

William Haley
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