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All Forza Motorsports III DLC on Sale This Week


From today until December 26, Forza III is Xbox Live's Deal of the Week. More specifically, every DLC pack ever released for it (four in total).

For a mere 800 MSP, you can get all four DLC packs and add countless (well, they can be counted, I just don't want to) new cars and tracks to the game.

Deal of the Week:

Forza 3 "Deal of the Week" (December 20–26) World Class Car Pack - 200 Microsoft Points* (50% off) The Summer Velocity Car Pack - 200 MSP (50% off) The Exotic Car Pack - 200 MSP (60% off) Road & Track Car Pack - 200 MSP (50% off) Audi R8 LMS RC Car [Avatar item] - 160 MSP (50% off) Checkered Flags [Avatar item] - 80 MSP (50% off)

In other news, Gran Turismo 5 is still garbage. And full price.

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