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All bundled up for the holidays

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All bundled up for the holidays
By Heath Hooker

Want to know where the best deals are for that gamer on your shopping list? We have some answers

When thinking of Christmas and of the joy of that magical time when gifts are opened, many are likely to remember a toy received or a game that brightened the holiday a bit more with the sound of laughter those things brought with them.

The countdown to Christmas day is underway, the stores are crowded and many people are still looking for ideas for gifts. What potentially could be as joyful as receiving a new game system? It is a great idea and it will make even the older family members happy this holiday season and beyond. After all, today's consoles are not merely game machines; they are multi-media platforms that bring on an incredible array of entertainment options from watching favorite DVDS to setting up fitness regimens.

Where can you get the most bang for your buck though? Well, GameZone has the answer.

Searching through major retailers, looking online and taking few breaks in between, we have found some bundles that offer the most for your hard-earned cash and some that didn't make the cut.

Xbox 360

First, Microsoft did quite a good job of offering up something for gamers this holiday season by releasing a holiday Xbox 360 Elite bundle, which is a good value and available at most retailers. Looking at Xbox Arcade, the 360 retails for $199.99, but for an extra $100 this bundle offers up a ton for such a little price. It comes with an Xbox 360 Elite, a 120GB hard drive, black wireless controller, black headset, Xbox Live Gold 12-month subscription and two games. Considering buying the hard drive alone would cost about $100, this is a great value this holiday season.

If you are just not satisfied with the holiday bundle though and want to look somewhere else, stop by Wal-Mart. They have a couple of different 360 bundles including the Live value bundle and the value bundle. The Live bundle offers one game of choice and a Xbox Live Gold 3-month subscription with an Xbox 360 Arcade with controller for $259.00. The Value Bundle offers one game of choice, a Nyko power kit and an Xbox 360 Arcade with controller for $249.00.

You will be hard pressed to find better deals than that, but here are some other systems you may be looking at as well.

PlayStation 3

Although the bundles for the PlayStation 3 were scarce or just not really bargain finds, we did find a couple at Wal-Mart that were Ok. They offered three and arguably the best one is sold out. The other two are called the PlayStation 3 Entertainment bundle and the PlayStation 3 Gamer's Choice bundle. The Entertainment bundle comes complete with a 120GB PS3 with controller, Blu-Ray remote, a game of choice and a Blu-Ray of choice for $369.00. Then on the other side, the Gamer's Choice bundle comes with, you guessed it, a 120GB PS3 with controller and a DreamGear Shadow Wireless Controller, a game of choice and a blu ray remote for $389.00. These aren't the best deals you will ever see, but they still are a good value for what you are getting.

Now, last but not least ….

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been a friend of bundles dating back to its first holiday season. Most retailers offer a Nintendo Wii bundle, but one store had the best value once again. We looked at Best Buy, we looked at ToysRUs, but ended up right back at the big 'W.' Walmart again offered more for people's money. They offer about four or five different ones, but two of them will catch your eye. Much like the other console bundles, one is called the Nintendo Wii Value Bundle while the other is called the Family Fun Value Bundle. The Nintendo Wii Value Bundle includes othe Nintendo Wii with the Wii-mote, nunchuck and Wii Sports. In addition, it includes Wii-Play with another Wii-mote, DreamGear's 3-in-1 Sports gear and a game of choice for $264.00. The Family Fun bundle includes the same thing without the sports gear and with another choice of game for the price of $289.00.

* * *

There have been a lot of holiday season bundles to be released and doing research and looking around will land you the best deal. These are the best we - at GameZone - found. Happy Holidays and happy gaming during the holidays.



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