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All Uncharted 3 DLC maps -- and a new one -- released for free to celebrate 2-year anniversary

uncharted 3 multiplayer map 2-year anniversary

Eric Monacelli of Naughty Dog announced on PlayStation Blog that a new map -- Dry Docks -- and all of the DLC multiplayer maps are now free to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Uncharted 3

The Dry Docks map was originally pitched as a single-player level for the game, but after it got cut from it, all work on the map stopped  and the map was forgotten. Since it had great potential for competitive multiplayer, the map is now part of patch 1.18, but it's quite different than its original version. 

Here's some of the other map changes Naughty Dog has made with the new patch:

  • All DLC maps are now available to download for free! Go to the in-game store and download the Flashback Map Pack 1, 2, and Drake’s Deception Map Pack.
  • Dry Docks makes its triumphant debut and is available in all competitive playlists and custom games!

To read the full rundown of the patch, visit PlayStation Blog

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