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Aliens vs. Predator Dev Moving to Social Games


It seems like everyone is jumping on the social gaming bandwagon these days. Rebellion—a UK-based developer known for Aliens vs. Predator, Rogue Warrior, and the upcoming Neverdead—has announced their entrance into the social gaming world. The company has opened a new division after the successful revival of Evil Genius, a PC RTS the company brought to Facebook late last year.

While Rebellion may not seem like the best fit for the social space, it may be just what the company needs after the lukewarm reception of their recent retail releases. CTO Chris Kingsley says the company is looking to bring “18 years of console and PC games experience to this sector and produce games that reach new players who would never consider themselves to be gamers.”

What Facebook and other social platforms need are more experienced developers bringing their ideas to the table. What we don't need is another terrible Aliens vs. Predator game. Here's hoping Rebellion finds success in a crowded and ever-changing game space.


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