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Aliens Director Joins the Call of Duty: Elite Team


Hollywood talent is continuing to join Activision's Call of Duty: Elite team. The social hub for all things Call of Duty now has another talented member working on its content: Aliens director Ridley Scott.

This announcement came from the presentation at the 13th Annual Pacific Crest Global Technology Leadership Forum from CEO of Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg. Talking to USA Today, he said that Activision is developing "exclusive episodic entertainment" built just for the Call of Duty community and is working with the likes of "Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, Ben Silverman and Ridley and Tony Scott" to create this content.

"Just like any other passion that people spend a lot of their free time doing, Call of Duty players share a common language and a common experience, and we think we can create some entertainment content that they will love and talk about and share." (Click here to view the entire USA Today article)

No other details on the acquisition of the new talent were available from Activision or Ridley Scott himself.

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