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Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer tactics trailer showcases Xeno and Marine advantages

If you give me a game where I can either choose to play as a human soldier wielding a gun, or an alien species that has the ability to crawl on walls, blind its enemies, explode in a kamikaze attack or, hell, play as one that crushes its enemies like a tank, I won't think twice about what side I'm joining!

The latest trailer from SEGA showcases the various Xenomorph and Marine abilities which include:


Multi-surface movement: Camouflaged on walls and ceilings to attack marines when they least suspect it.

Smoke Screen: Emit thick clouds of smoke to conceal position, which is immensely effective in close quarters combat.

(Xeno Class) Boiler: Is able to launch a Kamikaze-like attack, which explodes its head and showers the marines with acid.

(Xeno Class) Spitter: Able to spit a fury of acid upon Marines at a long distance.

(Xeno Class) Crusher: Bullet Proof crest, resistance from most weaponry. Is able to charge at enemies with massive force.


Revive Teammate: Resuscitate downed allies and bring them back into the fight

(Weapon) Shotgun: Powerful, short range weapon that's extremely effective in tight spaces

(Weapon) Smart Gun: Long range weapon with heavy firepower, equipped with an infrared target-tracking system and has electrical pulse action.

(Weapon) Incinerator Unit: Lethal bursts of intense fire, able to scorch all Xenos in its path.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will release on February 12th for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U

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