Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer component a 'big deal' for Gearbox

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These days, it's almost equally important to have a robust multiplayer component, as it is to have an in-depth singleplayer mode.  In some cases, it's more important.  And for anyone who has played Borderlands, you'll know it's important to Gearbox as well.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is no different.  In an interview with Sony, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that the multiplayer for Aliens: Colonial Marines is "getting a huge amount of attention."

"Multiplayer is a big deal for us," he said. "It’s getting a huge amount of attention."

Pitchford didn't exactly say what type of multiplayer components we'd see from Aliens, although we already know it features dynamic drop in/out multiplayer.  Hopefully we will soon though, as Pitchford announced they  hope to get some people outside the studio to preview the multiplayer game "very soon".

I think we’ll be looking for some opportunities very soon to get some people outside of our studios, including some journalists, to have a chance to preview the multiplayer game and play a bit of it. We’re really looking forward to testing it against other eyes and getting some feedback from that, so it shouldn’t be too long before we make that happen.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines release date was once again pushed back, this time delayed until Fall 2012, with Gearbox citing it was better for the "creative process".

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