Alien Isolation's original film cast pre-order bonus is no longer a pre-order

Were you bummed that you coudn't play with Ellen Ripley and company in Alien Isolation without pre-ordering? SEGA announced some fantastic news that will lift your spirits: you don't need to pre-order the game for the add-on!

Here's a full statement from SEGA via Kotaku:

It's genuinely been great to see the reaction to The Crew Expendable and Last Survivor pre-order bonus content we announced yesterday and how excited you all are to re-experience those classic scenes from the original movie with our Alien. It's been absolutely amazing for us at the Studio. 

However, some of you have been asking if the two pieces of content are only available through pre-order or if we'll be releasing them at a later date as well. 

So, I can confirm today that we do plan to release both Crew Expendable and Last Survivor at a later date and we'll have more details for you guys on that shortly. 

So there you go. You can recreate scenes from the original Alien movie without blindly putting  money down towards a game that may or may not be worth the money.

Sadly, the "more details" probably mean that it'll be offered as paid Day One DLC. 



Jake Valentine
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