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Alien: Isolation inspired by 'that 70s look'


One of the greatest things about sci-fi movies made in the 70s -- and even 80s for that matter -- is how filmmakers imagined future technology. It's even more hilarious when you see that vision created for the film. To the creator's credit, nobody knew how the future would look; we all thought we'd have hoverboards and flying cars by now.

And while the "technology" of the 70s and 80s impressed everyone, looking back on classic films from that period --like AlienTerminator, etc. -- it's clear how dated these interpretations were. Technology that was designed to look like the future just resembled the era in which the film was created. Honestly, though, that's part of the charm and it seems like Creative Assembly is trying to capture some of that charm with their new game, Alien: Isolation.

Creative Assembling's Alien: Isolation is described as a survival horror, similar to that of Ridley Scott's 1979 film, Alien. To that end, everything the studio is doing draws inspiration from the film -- from the intimidation of the actual xenomorph to the eeriness of the environment in which the game is set. To that end, the studio released today a new screenshot, capping off the week of teasing.

"This Teaser is all about that 70s looks..." the studio says of the screenshot.

Not sure what they are referring to? Just look at the computer, for example. Despite it's "futuristic" theme, it's clearly inspired by the 70s. It's this type of creative approach that will help Creative Assembly's new title more closely resemble Scott's Alien film. And it's also one of the reasons I'm truly excited to see more of this game.

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