Alien: Isolation gets a 25% discount already

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And this is one of the reasons PC gaming is freaking awesome. Hot off yesterday's official unveiling of Alien: IsolationPC digigal game distributor Green Man Gaming (GMG) is already offering a discount on SEGA's survival horror game based on the Alien(s) film franchise.

Normally $49.99 on PC (already $10 cheaper than the console versions), Green Man Gaming has a coupon code that will get you an additional $12.49 (25%) off the retail price. Using the code "GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU" at checkout, you'll be greeted with a grand total of $37.50. Not bad considering the game isn't even out yet.

There's still no actual release date for Alien: Isolation, which currently has a "late 2014" launch window, but you might as well snag it for cheap now and just wait it out. Maybe forget about it for a while and treat yourself to a unexpected Christmas gift when it does finally arrive.

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