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Alien: Isolation 'close to 15 hours long'


With Alien: Isolation offering no sort of multiplayer, it places an even bigger burden on the single player story to justify the $60 price tag. As if there wasn't already enough pressure on the the dev team to live up to expectations set forth by the film franchise and shattered by previous games that shared the Alien name. So for many, it not only comes down to the quality of the single player campaign, but the length as well.

Speaking to PlayStation Access (via Videogamer), it was revealed that Alien: Isolation will be "close to 15 hours" long.

"We've re-recorded large portions of the original score because obviously the film is only a couple of hours long," lead designer Gary Napper explained. "Our game is close to 15 hours, really, so we need a lot of different music for a lot of different situations."

The quote was actually part of a much longer discussion regarding the game's sound and other details it shares with the film. You can watch the full interview with PlayStation Access below, but the part mentioning the game's length can be heard at the 5:25 mark.

At E3 I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the game and though I was only able to play a challenge mode, it gave me a nice idea of what to expect when playing the story. To briefly recap before you head over and read my preview, Creative Assembly nailed the atmosphere, sound, and overall creepiness of Alien.

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