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Alan Wake 2 Is Probably in Development


When Remedy released the original Alan Wake after several delays, it arrived amid a hectic season of releases. Despite being well-regarded, the game got buried under the competition. Successful or not, in the mind's eye it didn't seem like something that would earn a sequel. That makes the news of a second Alan Wake game in development all the more exciting.

Gamepro reported that one artist's LinkedIn profile suggests the company worked on Alan Wake 2 just last month. The job was pre-visualization work for Alan Wake 2 cinematics. Since the news broke, those specific details have been removed from the profile.

Remedy has also dropped hints that they were looking for a programmer with Kinect experience for their next AAA 360 project. While Alan Wake with Kinect support sounds bizarre, it could have been just the thing to encourage Microsoft to support the game.

Either way, Alan Wake was a great idea and a great story that fans are surely hoping will continue. Perhaps a second go around could give the franchise the extra push to make it a success. Hopefully E3 will reveal more.

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