Alan Wake’s American Nightmare - Mr. Scratch Psycho Trailer is everything you didn’t know you wanted

Alright, so after I watched this trailer for the first time I instantly watched it again.  Remedy has done it again.  While the trailer is absurd, vague, and terrifying – it is completely enjoyable.  Talk about thinking outside the box as far as game trailer goes.  This is an interesting technique of introducing the antagonist in a game. 

While Mr. Scratch, in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, may we completely insane and a psychopath – he has some serious dance moves.  I guess when he’s not capturing people to torture in his hotel room he cuts a rug at the clubs.  This trailer is short and definitely worth watching.  Granted, you may find yourself asking ‘what did I just watch,’ but that makes it all the better.  Enjoy the madness.

Pick up this title on Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 22nd.

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