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Alan Wake PC gets physical boxed copy next month


Last month, Alan Wake finally made the jump to PC. While some may argue that it's been quite some time since the game's initial launch for Xbox 360, the game was popular and great enough to warrant a subsequent PC version. To put it bluntly, Alan Wake was good, so it should have come as no surprise that a PC version was developed.

The game launched digitally on February 16, giving PC gamers the chance to finally play Remedy's enjoyably dark title. But while PC gamers got the chance to finally play Alan Wake, there was a small niche group that was still unsatisfied: PC gamers who need physical copies of games so they can look at the shiny box art, smell the game case, and leave nasty fingerprints all over the disc.

For those of you who fall into that (creepy) category, you're in luck. Remedy announced that it was partnering up with Legacy Interactive to release a boxed version of Alan Wake on April 3. That's great news, especially if you like owning tangible copies of games.

The boxed version of Alan Wake will include everything that was on the Steam download. You'll get both The Writer and The Signal DLC packs. Additionally, the game will support multiple screens and 3D. I'm pretty sure that covers every type of gamer that wants to play Alan Wake. Well, I guess the PlayStation 3 crowd is still screwed. Just play it on PC, will ya?

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