Alan Wake headed to PC ... finally

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Alan Wake launched back in 2010 to positive reviews. Originally, the game was expected to land on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. While the PlayStation 3 version was tossed out the window following Remedy's partnership with Microsoft for the game, a PC version was still expected. Unfortunately for those gamers who wanted to play the game on their computers, the PC version was canceled.

Sure, a petition was started to get Alan Wake on the PC, but after some time, that seemed like nothing more than wishful thinking. Well, that wishful thinking has just become reality, because Alan Wake is indeed getting ported over to the PC. As revealed on the Alan Wake Community Forums, a Steam version is set to land next month.

Pricing details have yet to be confirmed, but Remedy stated that the game's cost will be announced closer to launch. You can also scope out the game's PC specs on the forum page to see what your rig needs to handle some Alan Wake. Oh, and you'll be glad to know that there won't be some weak Games for Windows Live nonsense as this title will be Steam-only.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is also due out next month, so the game's titular hero has his work cut out for him in February. Now, how about a PlayStation 3 version just to cover all platforms? Just kidding!

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