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Alan Wake developer influenced by Skyrim


If you've yet to catch on to Remedy Entertainment's style of games, then let me fill you in; they're completely story driven. The most recent addition to their library, Alan Wake's American Nightmareis carried by a complex, uncharacterized story that leaves you asking questions far after the plot is finished. Their work, though, in comparison to our shooter-dominant market, is quite impressive, and adds some flavor to the industry. Remedy, though, wasn't always sure of their plans, but after Skyrim's success, they were as confident as ever with their mystery series. 

According to Remedy’s head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen, "It's really positive to see Skyrim and other RPG games that have a lot of story in be successful. It gives us motivation to do story-driven games, because there's obviously an audience out there of people who enjoy story as well."

Multiplayer has become a core focus with developers today, but as Hakkinen told Eurogamer, the industry needs games that deliever a solid single-player campaign. "Seeing something like [Skyrim] being successful, we don't need to consciously try to make our stories any less than they are," Hakkinen added. "Our stories are not necessarily complicated, but our games are very story heavy. And, just to see games like Skyrim succeed, it's like, let's not try to make it any less story-heavy."

Remedy has confirmed that they're not done with Mr. Alan Wake, and with American Nightmare's success so far, we can look forward to more spooky, intense action with a thrilling narritave. That is, if we can rewrite reality first. 

Source: [Eurogamer]

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