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Alan Wake 2 Rumored to Be in the Works for Next Xbox Console


Alan Wake seems to be one of those franchises that's always surrounded by rumors. For a long time, it was speculated that Remedy would never even release the first game. Upon that title's release, water cooler talk about an Alan Wake 2 quickly surfaced. There seems to be no rest for this franchise when it comes to gossip.

According to CVG, Xbox World is reporting on rumors for both a new Xbox console and a new Alan Wake game. "We hear a number of Microsoft-friendly developers are hard at work on prepping next gen games as we speak," stated the magazine. "Could this be the reason why Remedy are so quiet about Alan Wake 2? (Yes.)"

According to Xbox World, Rare, Lionhead, and Turn 10 are just three of the studios that are actively prototyping some concepts for a next gen Xbox console. These days, I can't say I care much about what Rare's doing, but the company's supposedly working on a new mature title. Could it be a proper sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day? OK, now I'm intrigued!

Additionally, Lionhead is also prepping for Fable 4, which is rumored to be due out in 2013. If that's true, then you can expect Peter Molyneux to bash the shit out of Fable 3 and attempt to sell us all on how Fable 4 will be the best game ever made of all time in the history of games ... ever!

Again, all of this is just rumored, so we can't take it all to be true. Still, it's interesting to think that Microsoft may be preparing to launch a new console. If the rumors are true, then the Wii U will technically be an outdated console by then. That said, we've also read conflicting reports over the past couple of months indicating that the Xbox 360 is just about halfway through its lifespan.

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